The island of Hippocrates

It is the second largest island of the Dodecanese located SE of the Aegean Sea near the Turkish coast and opposite of the Bodrum peninsula.
Kos is famous for giving birth to Hippocrates, the father of the modern medicine. Physicians come here from all over the world to meet at the famous Asklepion and witness the rites of the Hippocratic Oath.
Rich in natural beauty, the city center is a real open air archeological museum, where the history of the island unfolds under the bright sun.
The city of Kos is a wonderful amalgam of the ancient and the modern world: multicultural, with boulevard, elegant public buildings, parks ands squares, a rich market with luxurious shops and a lively night life. 
You will certainly find the beach of your dreams at Kos. At he traditional village of Zia you can enjoy the most famous sunset on the island
The ideal way to get to know Kos is by cycling at the special bicycle road.
Important place to visit : Asklepieion, Medieval Castle, Tree of Hippocrates, Museum, Odeon, Gymnasium, Casa Romana, Ancient Agora
The international airport of Kos is connected via chartered flights to the whole Europe as well as Athens and the other major cities in Greece. 
There are daily ferry connection with Athens-Piraeus, Rhodes and the other Dodecanese islands and Turkey-Bodrum.


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