Mouratti Marine was established in 1989 in Kos Island. 

Our company offers the highest quality and the most efficient agency services to the yachts, owners, crew or guests might need, either on water or ashore during their stay in Greece. Through a well established and tested network of especially well- trained and experienced professional staff, Mouratti Marine provides top quality and efficient services on every island and mainland.

We specialized in V.I.P services for Mega Yachts throughout the Greek Islands and Turkish coast

Having respect and accuracy for your needs and the long year contact and partnership with lots of tourism and professions from Turkey made our company, one of the most reliable companies dealing with all aspects of the yachting sector.

As your agent in Greek waters we are willing to advise you concerning your visit to Greek Islands with a combination to the Turkish coast as well, where a paradise comes into the life from the deep blue of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea with culture, tradition, adventure, nature and history

We will be pleases to be of service to you


Who We Are:

Mouratti Tours & Mouratti Marine was established in 1989 at Kos Island. The company offer all the basic travel, yachting and marina services mainly at Kos Island and all Greece. We are giving the highest quality and the best agency services to the yachts and the guests whatever they require during their holiday in Kos Island and all Greece.

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