The Island of Artemis

The small island of Leros belongs to the Dodecanese group and is located between Patmos and Kalymnos.

Sights to visit are: The Panagia Castel, the windmills, the churches, Agios isidoros at Kamara,

folklore museum in Alinda, military Museum in Marikas - Lakki.

Beaches & Bays: Panteli, Agia Marina, Krithoni, Alinta, Drimonas bay, Xirokambos, Gourna


Platanos & Castel  - Agia marina:

The capital of Island is Platanos and is linked to the settlements of Agia Marina and Panteli bay. Agia Marina, a smallcoastal settlement and one of the  biggiest bay on the island. has expanded over time and joined up with Platanos, the oldest settlement and the capital of the Island.

Panteli: A small picturesque bay and fishing village with an authentic island character, it lies inthe eastern part of the island, below Platanos. Most of its houses are old and traditional. Small harbour and fishing boats complete the idylic picture with the clear blue sea.

Lakki is the main harbour of the island with the remmants of its Italian period reflected in the architecture of its bulding. Lakki is the one of the largest nattural harbour in the Maditerrannean.


Night Life in Leros unlike  other commercial islands is based on dining in small Greek seaside resturants with traditional greek music, enjoying the calming breezes.


Leros has an airport which connects the Island with Athens the capital city of Greece. Leros has also connections by ferryboatsto Piraeus and most of the Dodecanese islands like Kos, Rhodos, Patmos and Kalymnos.

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